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Blue Blood


Blue Blood Jeans - Blue Blood BrandThanks to the superior tailoring and a fastidious use of detail,
Blue Blood is to denim what Saville Row is to suits
In 1994 Jason Denham and Steve te Pas promised each other "one day, we will start our own denim brand". In 2002 this dream finally came true; moshi moshi inc and the Denham Holding expanded their activities to include the design and development of their own brand, which became Blue Blood.
Developed with intense personal involvement and launched with care, Blue Blood has been greeted with much enthusiasm and strong sell-through. Co-founder Steve te Pas adds:" Our motto is "For Our Friends"; the people around us are the inspiration for what we do. Part of our collection was literally based on pieces we custom made especially for friends. Blue Blood is for people like ourselves"
The brand is an exercise in New Luxury: attention to detail; vintage skills combined with innovative techniques, quality fabrics and haberdasheries.
blue blood denim - T-shirts - Tops
A lot of time, effort & love is put into the development of new washes and innovative fits every season. "We develop all our own washes, and our jeans are cut from hand-made paper patterns", Denham explains. We pay a lot of attention to the fits, as well as the drape and hand feel of the fabrics. We combine innovative styling and vintage tailoring skills to get the desired look." Examples of this approach are the bias cut ladies jeans (resulting in the long legs, tight bum look) and the new men's washes and fits.


Jason Denham has the blue gene in his blood, and it shows...
He has a passion fro denim that goes way beyond the normal interest in a pair of jeans. He is quietly building an indigo empire that is gaining nods of approval from denim-heads around the world.
Denham (his real name; just a coincidence) began collecting vintage jeans about 12 years ago, hunting and tracking down the really rare japanese pieces. He loves the whole purity of the japanese mentality to design, travelling there twice a year to collect and source rare finds.
Jason has a wide collection of denim; everything from Big E's, Blue Bell and union made work wear to late 80's Italian Old Glory and of course the rare Japanese pieces. Additionally he collects all kinds of denim-related material such as fabrics, books, shuttles from original looms, buttons, rivets etc...
Blue Blood Jeans
"I've lost count of how many denim things I have." jokes Jason , "and don't ask me how many pairs of jeans I've got!"


During the early 90's Jason really got into the "science" of denim and how it works. Everything from the spinning of the yarns, the different ring spun techniques and how to weave and finish denim. Importantly he knows how to cut the fabric, creating some of the most directional fits in the business.
Then about 10 years ago, he met Steve Te Pas, fellow denim entrepreneur and the two discussed their shared passion and dreams for the blue stuff. T Pas was busy at the time building Moshi Moshi, his premium distribution company also based in Amsterdam (Te Pas was responsible for bringing Evisu over from Japan to Europe).

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