Monday, 26 October 2009

Michael Gillette

'The directive was to keep them filmic - they obviously reference the classic 60s/70s cinematic Bond rather than the 50's literary Bond. I'm aware that there is quite a difference. The films are foremost in people's perceptions of Bond, so it's understandable that Penguin would want something that will bring filmgoers to the books.'

Linda Sweenie

This type is also very similar to my 'deconstruct' letterforms, yet instead of showing plans and blueprints of the buildings it shows birdseye aerial images. It is a different approach to the idea and i don't think this works aswell, i'm not very fond of the digital images of the rooms although i do realise they are meant to look like CAD drawings. I also don't like the used of colour in this piece i think the pale blue background clashes with the colours in the type.

Kathryn Mcnaughton

Love Music Hate Racism
Designed for the Love music Hate Racism campaign, i love the use of technicolour against the washed out sepia background. The technicolour keys of the keyboard working together to produce beautiful music supports the idea of all colours, all races working together harmoniously. I love the delicate illustration against the solid block fill of the keys.

Noname Noshop

Take-out Garden
I think this is a great idea from Noname Noshop, its a paper cup with plant seeds in it and the idea is to distribute them out to people so they can grow them and then when they are ready plant them around their gardens. Its very environmentally friendly way to get people growing plants and helping our environment. The beautiful simplicity of the paper pots with small illustrations of the plants showing what the seeds will grow into.


This poster was designed for a 3day festival, i love the choice of only 3 colours being used as it tones down the busyness of the illustrations. It also works well against the block fill used on the type for the title, as it adds emphasis making the title stand out. This appears to be a print piece, i think the illustrations of the artists look cool and creative.

The back of the poster works well by just using one colour from the front, it continues on the design in a clean, clear way. It works well to display the information about the festival.

Noname Noshop

The Little Match Girl (Help-y Christmas & Help-y New Year)
Small packages were produced as christmas gifts for the family and friends of Noname Shop in 05, marking th second series of the 're-write project'. The delicate box contained a strong message, 'we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but remember the little match girls'. Two matches lay inside the box carefully secured on them is written 'Help-y christmas' and 'Help-y new year' ..i thought these could be used to represent the match girls and to light a candle for them at christmas time. The small illustration of the match girl curled up in the box emphasizes the message and the tracing paper and embossed type used creates the impression of a fading memory, forgotten people. I love the intricacy of the packaging and how much is packed into a small space, it includes a list of Korean Youth families and an eempty piece of paper for re-writing the little match girl's story.


This style of work isn't usually something that would appeal to me but it reminded me of a piece of type Fred showed me on the first day of the degree course, although his was a lot simpler it works with the idea of turning an image into type. The layers of the burger are type instead of image and represent the food that should be their, i like how they have thought about its colour, shape, consistancy when creating this. It looks really fun and communicates the ingredients well although i don't think the word 'tomato' is very readable but we know what it is from the tomato like type used.


I have included this piece of type as one of my ideas for the summer brief was to create type from my own fingerprints to represent me. Lowman has designed this for the same reason, to show his identity in his work. It has an honesty and humaneness about it and is unique to its designer. I like the patterns created from the lines on the skin and also how it fades, i think it has a bold yet delicate quality to it.


I really like the work of shotopop, i find their pieces beautifully detailed, delicate and quirky. Their work enters you into a dreamlike world of soft hues and vibrant colours, loveably creatures and intricate detail. The pieces look like sets used for animations, i really like the idea of creating sets from little illustrations and photographing these to create new worlds.

Julien Pacaud

 I love the use of montage within these works, piecing together papers with illustrations, photographs and found items. I really like the surreal feel to them, each piece has a dated quality due to the style and colours used.

'To prove that god is geometry, she connected herself to the machine and began to rebuild the world with combinations of parallelepipeds, polyhedrons, spheres, cones, cylinders, etc.. Here is the first cube.'

Mathilde Nivet

I was pretty shocked when i saw this as i designed a similar typeface as one of my ideas for the 'Deconstruct' lettering. By using a broad variation of building types and sizes it creates a really interesting and varied type. I think it works because they have cut around the shapes to emphasize the letterform, i really like the muted colours together.

Marian Bantjes

This is a similar piece of type used for a poster to advertise 'Graphex 06'. I like how the leaf type looks like its been eaten by a caterpillar to form the letterforms and the flies, ladybirds and bugs used for the smaller font it all works together really well. I love the countryside theme and i think it is beautifully presented and shows the wildlife in its full glory. I like the layering of plants in the border and the hidden creatures, its subtlety masks the detail until you look closer.

Daryl Tanghe

I found this in the 'Playful Type' book, it reminds me of the type i created for the summer brief using flowers. I like how he sticks to using the same 3 elements, twigs, leaves and flowers, it makes the letterforms become a series. I think the leaves have been cleverly used as the negative space, i really like the delicacy of this piece.

Ice Cream For Free



Sopp Collective

I found this piece in 'Playful Types' book, i think its a really good idea and reminds me of graphs we used to create in primary school. The nails appear to have been nailed into the board on the outlines of the type and careful consideration taken where to use the thread to achieve the best shape for the letter. I think its interesting to see how they play with both fill and negative space, using a grid to create unique looking type. I also think the colours chosen work really well together just looking at yellow and red hues.


I really love using stitch in my work, this piece shows how simple types can work really well. I think the messy outlines and hanging threads create beautiful textures and detail to a simple piece of type.

Think Experimental

I like the way in which they have used light to create type but not in the typical way, looking at a grid of light and fitting the letterforms into the grid and lighting up only the ones needed. I like that each letter has a different breakdance move, it draws your attention from the letter to the sequence that it is lighting up. I also think the glyphs used are really fun shapes to create and the use of both upper and lower case letterforms shows how versatile the type is.

Nir Tober

I thought about doing this idea for the type for Kim as i looked at creating the alphabet using lights. Its quite an over used idea but i think it looks really good, i really enjoy using a variation of shutter speeds within my photography to achieve effects like this. I also like how the hue in each picture is slightly different.

Antoine & Manuel

I saw Antoine & Manuel's work exhibited at the Mussee Des' Arts at The Louvre in Paris in February of this year, their vibrant, decorative work covered the walls and floors of 6 rooms. I was overwhelmed with the vast array of work covering illustration, type, textiles, cd artwork and other products. They use shape and colour together well to create playful pieces of work.

I really like this piece, i think the muted colours with the bleeding appearence of inks works really well. I like the idea created of a folded butterfly painting, the symmetry creates interesting shapes and patterns and an almost psychedelic feel.
They have created a map of the metro in Paris, i like how the lines appear to be growing like roots and trees, it looks very organic. This could be to show how Paris is 'growing' as a city. The simple illustrated images work well to show the key places, tourist attractions, in the city.

Rose Stallard


Keetra Dean Dixon

 This piece of type entitled Half Wishes, encorporates two different types together to make a new typeface. This reminded me of our visual language sessions where we have to communicate a word by adapting the type. In this we can see the word 'Wishes' split in half, this communicates the phrase 'half wishes'.
I like the interesting choice of materials, also the colours black, cream and pink work well together. I like how she has thought about the creative ways in which to attach the letters together, adding the pink stitch not only connects the letters but adds detail and another layer to the piece. Also i like how the 's' and 'h' are only half the letter yet it is still readable, this is because the right side of the letters (in cream) is the larger half, it can appear legible without needing the left side.

Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne

6 billion plastic bags are being used every year in the UK, they are used once and are usually thrown away. This bag has been designed to raise awareness and address this issue, using bold, black type to communicate its message, the bag has no waste using the letters to make up the material. I think this works well by using the bag design to communicate the idea, putting it into context.

Yoshie Watanabe

This is a book style packaging for a wedding and engagement ring.
White, clean and delicate, this book contains marriage certificate and lyrics on the first couple of pages and the ring hidden securely in the back on a base of felt. The beautiful intricate cut out illustrations hide the ring and page by page break down to unveil it. I think its a really nice idea, i have never seen anything like this before and think it would be a lovely addition to a wedding as it can be treasured as a momento of the day.
The cut out design reminds me of the work of Rob Ryan.

Linzie Hunter

These pieces of handwritten type were created for Woodmansterne Greetings Cards, the Good luck and Congratulation cards all have a fun, colourful illustrated feel to them and the use of lined and graph paper build on the idea of education. I like the mix of type used it has a scruffy, playful and personal quality to it.
Linzie has also created maps for a number of companies including the BBC, i love how she mixes her handwritten tyoe with illustrations and photographs creating a montage effect. The colours are bright and playful creating a childlike effect.

Andrew Byrom

I really like how Byrom's letters still serve their function, ie. a table, kite, blind etc. He adapts the the item to fit the letterform yet still conform to its function. I really like the playfulness of this piece, it looks fun and creative, it is interesting to see the designs behind the piece showing how he has gone from the letterform to a 3D piece in keeping with the item.

 Venetian Blinds
I love how he has played with the blinds to see what shapes they will make, he has made full use of its ability to curve and change shape. Each letter can use from 1 to 4 blinds to create the letterform, they could have been made easier by using a more simple typeface but i like the fact that he has pushed it that step further with a more stylized type and still kept the letters legiblie and readable. I think the type appeats stylish, quite futuristic and carries an air of deilcacy.

Linzie Hunter

Known for her illustrations and handlettering

CoDesign Ltd

Heavy Duty
Directed and designed by Eddy Yu, Hung Lam & Paksum Leung.

This interactive piece was created for Heiwa Paper to show its entire range of heavy weight paper samples. The dumbbell connects to the idea of Heavy Weights, each weight is a sample of papers corresponding to the weight wrote on it. I think they have turned what could have been a dull collection into a stimulating piece of graphic deisgn.

The use of colour is simple yet effective and the type works well with the idea of strength, the packaging- also made out of paper (card) finishes the piece well and makes it ideal to be posted out to buyers.

UP -Disney Pixar


Last week i went to see Up in 3D.. WOW! I had to stop myself from crying within the first 10 minutes of the film, it tugged at a few heart strings ..and i wasn't the only one, the majority of the cinema shed a little tear. It was a beautiful, captivating story and the graphics in the film were a dreamlike world of technicolour.

'Breathless perfection, a dream ride of vivid colour and wit'

Lee Dal-woo

Warmer Warmer Tea
Disposable tea bag series designed for hard job workers who are under stress. This warm-hearted tea bag could give people a chance to smile during teatime.
I think this is such a cute, playful idea. I like how they have adapted the boring disposable tea bag idea to make it into a great piece of design. By changing the shape of the tab it allows the tea bag to hang inside the cup, who wouldn't have a little giggle seeing these characters hanging in a mug of tea. I also like how they can be personalised by adding a written message on the tea bag spreading cheer around the workplace. The tea bag packaging is really well designed too and reflects the characters on the tea bags, i think the christmas one is a really cute a idea and could be given as a present.

Naoto Fukasawa

'Juice Skin', a packaging designed for fruit juice which takes on the appearance and touch of its fruit. The banana includes bruises and a change from yellow to green as it stretches to the stalk, the strawberry has a shiny seeded surface and the kiwi is covered in a rough brown texture. It makes the juice more real like it is 100% fruit, i think it is a clever and attractive way to package a juice drink.

Laura Lane