Monday, 22 March 2010

OUGD103- Communication is a virus

Where people find gift ideas- magazines

Homemade Gifts

Packaging Research

Illustrations by Michael Murdock



Dream machine

Monday, 8 March 2010

Vladimir Koncar

Handmade typography!
 soil type

Paperclip type
Bottle tops

Hair type, hairvetica

Leaves- Sustainable type

Monday, 1 March 2010

We should all make more time for tea.

Natalia Ponomareva
Origami Tea Bags
 Elisabeth Soós
Handmade Tea Bag Paper Boats

Peter Hewitt
Tea Forte

Shinybinary- type

Computer Arts


87 Miles

Russ Mills- Byroglyphics


Russ Mills

OUGD103 Book Fair- 3

Alphabet Concertina book. 
The letters extrude from the folds... i could explore this idea to see if it would work on a hotdog fold.

OUGD103 Book Fair- 2

OUGD103 Book Fair- Pilosale

Eco friendly, fabric children's ABC book.
Embroidered with the alphabet on its 100% linen cover and lined with organic cotton, the pillowy tome sandwiches felt pages made from recycled soda bottles. Each page features a photo image (B for Bird, C for Cloud) that represents every letter from A to Z.

OUGD103 Book Fair- Steve Mack

 Steve Mack's beautifully illustrated ABC book
I love the cute childlike illustrations in this book, Steve Mack has a fun playful style to his illustrations that work well with the idea of an alphabet book.