Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Aveda 1978 Clove Shampoo Makes a Comeback in Special Packaging

Aveda 1978 Clove ShampooAveda recently re-launched the first product it ever made, Clove Shampoo in new packaging that is made from nearly 100% recycled plastic.
Known for their focus on high quality natural personal care products, Aveda (part of Estee Lauder) has been quietly establishing itself as a leader in more environmentally friendly packaging.
Clove Shampoo is simple, light and clean a classic Aveda product.  What better way to celebrate their 30th year in business by bringing back Clove Shampoo in exciting new packaging.
The shampoo bottle features a cap made from 100% post consumer recycled #5 plastic collected through a special program the company organized. 
Using its network of salons & retail stores along with partnerships with schools across the country Aveda is collecting #5 caps from a wide range of products. 
To date the company estimates they have collected 50,000 lbs of caps.  The collected caps are then ground up, washed and made into plastic pellets which are then turned into caps for new Aveda products.
Interestingly the graphic design on the bottle had to be adapted to accommodate the variations in the different shades of the caps - which due to their 100% recycled content would vary slightly in color.
Aveda's 1978 Clove Shampoo is the company's first product to debut with a cap made from 100% post-consumer recycled #5 polypropylene. 
The Clove Shampoo's bottle is made from 96% post-consumer recycled #2 HDPE plastic, from recycled milk bottles.  The combination of the bottle and cap make this product one of Aveda's most environmentally responsible. 
The company plans on continuing to grow their Caps Recycling program and use plastic from the program on more of its products.

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