Monday, 5 December 2011

Beautrix Potter

Amber advised me to look at the Beautrix Potter Packaging for inspiration, to show how I can pull all the book designs together.

This has given me a few different ideas to how the book packaging could work.

Beautrix Potter Merch

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rêve: Naïve Packaging for Picnic Food

28 April 2010 | By Anna Rudenko
Designer Laura Berglund from the United States developed a very warm and cute design for a line of products for outdoor meals including cheese, lager, champagne, chocolate and other food, which is usually put into the picnic basket.
The collection of packaging in various forms designed by this Kansas City Art Institute graduate of May 2010, evokes positive emotions and creates friendly atmosphere. “Rêve is an upscale hot air balloon ride company that offers a gourmet picnic wherever you land. The brand aesthetic is meant to entice a new sophisticated audience, yet still remain true to the hot air balloon’s light-hearted nature.

Student Spotlight: Patati Patata

10 10 11 patati1
Sophisticated yet humble yoghurt packaging. We enjoy the artistic rendering of the two yoghurt flavors: chocolate and orange zest and chocolate and strawberry pieces. Designed by Maria Romanova-Permyakova a student at British Higher School of Art and Design in Russia
10 10 11 patati210 10 11 patati3


"Sweeteeth is a boutique handcrafted chocolate company that originally approached us for packaging design services. At the time, the company lacked a trademarked name and its products and branding were unready for a national audience. We extended our services for Sweeteeth beyond simply redesigning the existing packaging to include business renaming, logo design, product naming of each of the bars and development of a tagline.

Since putting the new packaging and logo into use, Sweeteeth has seen a nearly 75% increase in production."
Chocolate bar labels designed by Fuzzco
Jar labels designed by Ashley Maness
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Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

love this invitation created for the private dinner gathering of the finest chefs in Charelston, South Carolina. 
 "We worked with Chef Lynch and her team to create packaging for an Italian Picnic Basket which also served the invitation. Each item in the basket was hand-wrapped and adorned with a sticker labeling the contents. The invitation was letterpressed on butcher paper and wrapped around Chef Lynch's homemade Socca mix."
Designed by Sideshow Press in Charleston, South Carolina "On our pony-sized 1926 letterpress, we press and print each piece individually reactivating the vintage press is a labor-of-love collaboration of three women."
10 17 11 chef2
10 17 11 chef9
10 17 11 chef10

10 17 11 chef8
10 17 11 chef7

10 17 11 chef3

Afternoon Tea

-Finger Sandwiches
-Clotted Cream
-Cakes & Buns
-Sugar Cubes