Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Otokoyama Sake Bottle

Otokoyama Sake
The cleaness and simplicity refelcts the purity of the product, it looks fresh and thirst quenching like a bottle of water. The decreasing opacity levels in the bottle design parallels the refinement process undertaken to make the sake. The greater the opactity of the bottle means the more the rice is polished to rid of the proteins and oils from its exteria in the sake.

BYO -Wine Bottle Design

This was a christmas gift for their clients reflecting what the company is about, 
Each wine bottle had a label consisting of various facial features each based on a member of staff from ... it allows the client to interact with the product and be fun and create an identity of their own.

I love the lighthearted nature of the design and how it reflects the product too and the idea of having fun with friends drinking wine. 
 The spraypaint font also looks hand rendered and the simplicity of the box denotes the concept of building and construction. The name BYO shows similarities with the typical DIY.
Its fun to see the variation in faces you can create, i think the greyscale images work a lot better than colour ones would do, it helps to keep a mature look as it is an adult product.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Beach Art

Artist Jim Denevan makes large scale art in the sand.