Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rethink Scholarship

Rethink Scholarship at Langara 2010 Call for Entries from Langara College on Vimeo.

this video parallels my project, the idea of inspiration and a thought/ idea process. i love how creative it is!

C D Ryan

Type & Image
i love the relationship between type and image within the first two images, the fine lines and large counters within the type and the white lettering creating type out of negative space pushes the type forwards against the darky starry backgrounds. i think the image used in the first piece is a beautiful moody looking sky the desaturated colours work really well with highlights of blue and pink without the colour i don't think the white type would work.
Although this piece is more image based it would not make sense without the type, the type is very subtle and small and placed to the side to enhance the image without taking over the focus
I love the simplicity of the illustration below, the overlapping images and the use of stereotypical colours for the sexes blue and pink makes the image work without any need for type.

i really like the variation of image and illustration within his work, the illustrations are simple line drawings, they look fun and light hearted.
i think the layering of two images works really well, the close up and normal shot together creates a mysterious feel, i like the grainy image and the use of tone in the first shot. i love the colour bleeds in the second image the fading and changing of colour adds a dreamy look to the images.

I like the simplicity of type and colour, its simple, stylish and bold without looking overpowering

Thursday, 15 April 2010

OUGD103- What is Graphic Design Part 3 (TYPE & IMAGE)

OUGD103- What is Graphic Design Part 3 (TYPE)

Aldofo Correa- I love you
 This designer has used the method of ... paper curling to create this flowing type, i like how the paper is easily shaped and the complex patterns created from such a simple method. I used paper curling in primary school to create christmas decorations and i can remember how easy it was to achieve rich imagery. The colour and fluidity of shape compliment the subject of love flowing freely.

 Aron Jansco- Purely Typographic PosterI don't personally like these posters, i find the colours quite sickly although i think the layouts work really well and i like the alphabet poster.
Having looked at the last poster on a large scale i was totally unaware of the image of the person on the bike being created by the type until i scaled the image down for this blog! ...

Simon C Page- The Typographic Years

OUGD103- What is Graphic Design Part 3 (IMAGE)

Make something cool everyday- Rules, blank paper and thread
i love how they have taken something so simple as ruled paper and made it creative by making they're own using thread, this caught my eye as i really like handmade pieces. it works really well because they have made it look real at the top of the page then loosened the thread creating wavy lines to highlight the fact that it has been created.

Make something cool everyday- Animals
I really like these pieces, they appear to be illustrations but could be simply greyscale images cut and rotated. Its such a simple idea but creates an interesting image, i like its subtlety i takes a few moments for the animal to be spotted and identified.

Juan F Leguizamon- Illustrated story


Lawrence Yang- Snow