Saturday, 13 February 2010

Le 60 Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

Graphic Thought Facility


Graphic Thought Facility


Graphic Thought Facility

Rainer Spehl

This wooden laptop case has been designed especially to fit the Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro. Lined with leather and using a magnetic closing mechanism it will definately be a hit in the office, offering a stylish yet functionally design. I really like the idea of using a material that we would not associate with this type of packaging usually, although it is not overly practical as i can imagine it would be heavier to carry it works on the aesthetics of being sleek.


The Nike Air Force 1 comes in a special 'Chinese Candy Box' packaging set. This is based on the red lacquer box that sweets are handed out in the celebrations of the Lunar New Year. Hexagonal box with a partitioned tray layer to hold shoe accessories, adorned with black illustrations .

Graphic Thought Facility

The company GTF have designed the interior decoration and signage for M&S stores. I really like the mix of illustrative, photographic, typographic and 3D work they have ladened the stores with.

Lilu Jianhua

This piece by Lilu Jianhua is called Dream in Conflict and is a representation of the Shanghai skyline built using poker chips and dice.

Won Park


OUGD102 100 Brief. International Watch Co


OUGD102 100 brief

Digital Sand Timer Watch

Sundial Watch

Harry Potter Watch

OUGD102 100 Brief. Advertising

Guerilla Advertising

15 minutes watch