Monday, 26 October 2009

Keetra Dean Dixon

 This piece of type entitled Half Wishes, encorporates two different types together to make a new typeface. This reminded me of our visual language sessions where we have to communicate a word by adapting the type. In this we can see the word 'Wishes' split in half, this communicates the phrase 'half wishes'.
I like the interesting choice of materials, also the colours black, cream and pink work well together. I like how she has thought about the creative ways in which to attach the letters together, adding the pink stitch not only connects the letters but adds detail and another layer to the piece. Also i like how the 's' and 'h' are only half the letter yet it is still readable, this is because the right side of the letters (in cream) is the larger half, it can appear legible without needing the left side.

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