Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Damien Claassens

SONY/ ATV Lyrics on a thing -Creative Pitch

Sony/ATV 'Lyrics on a Thing' is a premium retail destination website where consumers can create custom designed items featuring a line from their favorite song.

How does Lyrics on a Thing work?
Easy. A consumer comes to the website and simply types in their favorite song name, artist or both. Even a keyword. The site will retrieve matches. A consumer can then select their favorite line in a song and add it to an item. The get to choose a design, a color, a typeface and some other customization options to make it their very own.

What does Lyrics on a Thing sell?
At first Lyrics on a Thing will sell custom t-shorts and prints. But it wouldn't have to end there. Carefully selected merchandise like skateboards, popular sneaker brands, iPods and iphones, could be added to the lineup to be customized and sold.

Why Lyrics on a Thing?T-shirts have always been deeply rooted in music culture: they are practical, inform about musical tastes, and are much better suited for stage-diving than your average pant suit. T-shirt fans love music - not only listening to it, but also wearing it. Fans attach great importance to the illustration of their music tastes with individually designed apparel.


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