Monday, 26 October 2009

Andrew Byrom

I really like how Byrom's letters still serve their function, ie. a table, kite, blind etc. He adapts the the item to fit the letterform yet still conform to its function. I really like the playfulness of this piece, it looks fun and creative, it is interesting to see the designs behind the piece showing how he has gone from the letterform to a 3D piece in keeping with the item.

 Venetian Blinds
I love how he has played with the blinds to see what shapes they will make, he has made full use of its ability to curve and change shape. Each letter can use from 1 to 4 blinds to create the letterform, they could have been made easier by using a more simple typeface but i like the fact that he has pushed it that step further with a more stylized type and still kept the letters legiblie and readable. I think the type appeats stylish, quite futuristic and carries an air of deilcacy.

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