Monday, 26 October 2009

Noname Noshop

The Little Match Girl (Help-y Christmas & Help-y New Year)
Small packages were produced as christmas gifts for the family and friends of Noname Shop in 05, marking th second series of the 're-write project'. The delicate box contained a strong message, 'we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but remember the little match girls'. Two matches lay inside the box carefully secured on them is written 'Help-y christmas' and 'Help-y new year' ..i thought these could be used to represent the match girls and to light a candle for them at christmas time. The small illustration of the match girl curled up in the box emphasizes the message and the tracing paper and embossed type used creates the impression of a fading memory, forgotten people. I love the intricacy of the packaging and how much is packed into a small space, it includes a list of Korean Youth families and an eempty piece of paper for re-writing the little match girl's story.

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