Wednesday, 21 October 2009

David Lindsay

A friend of mine, lovely guy, he's helped me a lot with photography recently and let me have a whirl of his camera's. Take a look at his website for his photography, short films and msic videos, i think he's coming to do a talk with the photography students sometime in January. I'm hoping to do somework experience with him soon.

Series of 18 photographs entitles 'The People Of Leeds Market'.

The style of photography used for this works so well, it gives it a personal touch. The blue/green hues and the levels of shadow within the photographs could possibly resemble the idea of the market becoming a run down place. Each person represents a different stall, they each bring something different to the market. I like the variation in age and culture it creates the idea of the market being a culturally diverse place.

These are photographs Dave took of me and my boyfriend at a fancy dress party we went to in the summer Cirque De 'Lame ...everyone had a set up shot taken of them in costume and he made them look real by putting us in character. Also i think he's one of the only people that can make my nose look good on camera :).

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