Monday, 26 October 2009

Antoine & Manuel

I saw Antoine & Manuel's work exhibited at the Mussee Des' Arts at The Louvre in Paris in February of this year, their vibrant, decorative work covered the walls and floors of 6 rooms. I was overwhelmed with the vast array of work covering illustration, type, textiles, cd artwork and other products. They use shape and colour together well to create playful pieces of work.

I really like this piece, i think the muted colours with the bleeding appearence of inks works really well. I like the idea created of a folded butterfly painting, the symmetry creates interesting shapes and patterns and an almost psychedelic feel.
They have created a map of the metro in Paris, i like how the lines appear to be growing like roots and trees, it looks very organic. This could be to show how Paris is 'growing' as a city. The simple illustrated images work well to show the key places, tourist attractions, in the city.

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