Monday, 7 March 2011

Newspaper Packaging.

Packaging influenced by newspaper.

Jessica Murnane, stationer, Chicago
You may have seen newspaper repurposed as wrapping before, but Murnane's blossoming topper — which sprouts striped ribbons — keeps this classic current.

Make Jessica Murnane's Newspaper Bloom
1. Stack eight sheets of newsprint and cut into an 8" square.
2. Accordion-fold the stack into 1" increments.
3. Next, cut four pieces of ribbon to a length of 8".
4. Unfold the paper slightly and rest a piece of ribbon in each crease (if you end up with more than four folds, you'll need to cut additional ribbon).
5. Gather the folds back together and pinch the center of the paper tightly (it will look like a bow tie), binding it with a rubber band.
6. Starting from the top, peel up each layer of newspaper, scrunching it together as you go. Finally, curl the ribbon to make a cluster in the topper's center.

Standard brown paper bag created using newsprint cutting

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