Monday, 3 October 2011

la Corde à Linge - v.2

"La Corde à Linge" (the clothesline) is a french café & restaurant located in the very typical district "La Petite France" (Little France) in Strasbourg. The restaurant who occupies the ground floor of two different buildings has required a heavy development work.

Located in two different buildings now linked, the place is that of old wash houses of the city. The project designed plays with this theme and others about clothes (haberdashery, laundry, clothes workshop...), illustrating the concept by simple interventions, providing to public a narrative framework and highly evocative.The haberdashery is designed as an open shop on the street, richely and densely decorated, strongly inspired by Art Deco movement. This part faces to a massive bar who consists of a combination of rich materials (granite, stainless steel) associated with more austere materials (old wood, steel structure).The main dining room is designed in the form of a garment factory, a laundry with industrial influence. All the elements involved in a symbolized representation of a working atmosphere.The last space, the "worker's canteen", is designed in a more intimate, more subdued way, in order to accommodate large families and other groups in a friendly setting.I also sign the graphic identity of the place, designed by an amalgam until excess, of typographies and graphic codes of 30's.P. Claude

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