Monday, 3 October 2011

El Kombo


After 4 very different popup restaurants in Copenhagen, we joined forces with a design studio and created El Kombo. El Kombo was a virtual Mexican restaurant, which was designed tobring the restaurant feel home to your living room.

It was equal parts packaging and food design, created to fit each other perfectly. Our mainfocus was to bring an extra dimension to the traditional take away experience. To get the eaters attention, we put a syringe on the outside of the box that was to be “injected”according to how hot you wanted the meal."

When the box was opened a modern interpretation of a typical Mexican meal appeared.Instead of having to rearrange your food putting it on a plate and so on, everything was served ready to eat. The fork was bent so the end was able to open the tin that contained thehot food. The garnish was on the right and when finished the dessert was ready in the bottom alongside with the drinks.
From the time you ordered your meal to the time you were finished, you could communicateand watch the chefs making the food via a live stream from the kitchen."
El Kombo was created by:
I´m a KOMBO and Surplus Wonder



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