Thursday, 21 October 2010

Coraline -Mystery Boxes!

The crew of Coraline has been sending out 50 special handmade boxes full of mysteries as gifts to the bloggers they follow, these were to get the message out to those who would be interested about the film. Each pack was designed to suit the blogger depending on their interests whether it be animation, set design, costume design etc. 
Their idea 'We know that this movie is something special – so to get the word out in a meaningful way, we chose to reach out to kindred spirits such as yourself. The gifts we’ve assembled vary in their exact contents – but Coraline is a stop-motion feature, and thus some of the packages will include bits and bobbles and whatnots from the set itself. Some will have storyboards and directors notes. A few will have life-sized gifts that take inspiration from the film. And all will include a key that unlocks access to unique footage about the making of the film itself.'

I love the idea of this one off pack, that can be sent out to promote or thank the targetted audience. As it is a one off item as only 50 were made they can all be handmade, unusual and luxurious and because of this they are limited edition and will become collectors items that will be kept forever. 
This is a similar idea to what i want to achieve with the Fever Ray pack is something to savour and thank the fans for supporting her as her solo project comes to an end.

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