Tuesday, 19 October 2010

arthur steen adamson- the gadget shop

When Gadgetshop re-launched under new ownership, they were entering a much more competitive market than the one they left. ASHA were asked to develop a branding strategy to differentiate the offer and set it apart from the competition. After undertaking an initial phase of analysis, ASHA defined the positioning, ‘serious about gadgets’. This, in turn, directed the brand’s messaging, tone of voice and visual branding elements.

James Bond and ‘M’ became the inspiration for focusing on science and the individual roles of each gadget, and this strategy was supported by allocating each product a specific assignment and technical illustration. This strategy allowed ASHA to reposition products like the best selling beer-hat as gadgets, and the hosting of more expensive products on the website homepage re-enforced the positioning.

ASHA were able to convey a sense of the serious through memorable and witty implementation across packaging, website, store design, advertising, catalogue and new product categories. The average size of each transaction purchase increased after the brand re-launch and since then the company has maintained a steady growth.

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