Tuesday, 19 October 2010

arthur steen adamson- jude's

Jude’s ice-cream tastes spectacular, and is served in the restaurants of some of the UK’s most well known chefs. The business had built its reputation for fantastic tasting, excellent quality ice-cream in this market, and needed to create an equally strong consumer brand.

It was critical to the business that the consumer and trade brands complemented each other and that the trade brand was in no way damaged by a more intentional push into the consumer market.
With the original family members still perfecting the flavours, running the business and selling the product, the brand needed to communicate the personal touch, craftmanship and love that goes into the creation of the ice cream, and at the same time maintain the comfortable Englishness and sense of family of the owners of the business.

This was communicated by taking traditional visual elements, and giving them a twist. The Jude’s mark has been created using a bespoke hand cut font, the apostrophe has been created to look like a scoop of ice cream.
On the packaging, country kitchen crockery was used as an inspiration, and traditional looking rustic stripes were created on the pots.
All the information on the pots was then applied as if on stickers, with the Jude’s market contained in a spoon shape sticker. The stripes were then given a twist, with the tip of the spoon dipping into the bottom cream stripe as if it is ice-cream.
Hand-drawn ‘doodles’ were then added to the back label to communicate the personality, time spent and attention to detail given to each flavour.

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