Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Restaurants to use for brief

The hardest thing for me is to choose a restaurant name, cuisine and theme. I find it difficult to work without a rigid brief set by a client. I am going to look at using an existing restaurant to re-brand so I can work with existing information and create a fresh new look for it.

'Fuji Hiro' in Leeds. 
FH is a family run and homely Japanese cafe that Manchester so lacks. We seem to be stuck in the post-industial food factories like 'Wagamma' or sets from a Kurosawa historical drama, 'Fuji Hiro' is small, ergonomic and cosy providing bowls of ramen, plates of rice and a sweet plum wine that I need to find.

El Piano was founded in 1998 by the Chavez Millett Jackson Blake Sikking family and was directly influenced by their life in 1990s Granada.
La Cura Bar in Calle Cruz at that time was a virtual ruin with a splendid STEINWAY at its centre, its broken legs propped up on stacks of chipped tiles.  
La Guitarra restaurant in Cumbres Verdes, traditional and well priced, to this day has an enviable view over the vega. 
Each so different, yet both infused with Moorish hospitality and generosity, material and spiritual.
When the family washed up in York in 1997 all they wanted to do was recreate something that felt like home.  The result was EL PIANO, with its unholy mix of Arab and Spanish influences and a cuisine designed for almost anyone to be able to share and enjoy.

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