Friday, 16 September 2011


WCP is a project by Supremebeing to experiment with the surroundings and environment as a ready-made and often ignored canvas, as well as being the header for all their future artist collaborations.
Supremebeing will be creating events and paint jams around the globe with artists and like minds, each time releasing limited edition runs of prints on their favourite canvas; the humble white t-shirt. These special collections of t-shirts and prints will feature artwork exclusively created for or inspired by each event.
For the first installment of the WCP Supremebeing wanted to work with a selection of their most treasured artists and comrades. Artists whom they have worked with in the past, and have become friends with over the years though a mutual passion; artists they truly respect.
For a few sunny days in July some of the UK’s most respected and influential street artists came together to help launch the WCP. A Cambridge barn not far from the head office was transformed into a street art Mecca, with salvaged objects such as rusty 60’s advertising signs, car parts, authentic wartime helmets, ammo boxes and retro furniture all upcycled by top street artists David Walker, Mr Jago, She One, Will Barras and Bue the Warrior. Lets just say it was not exactly your average week in sleepy Cambridge and enough to make any street art fan loose their mind. To find out what exactly happened watch the teaser and check out the WCP website for the full video. The site will also be the hub of all on-goings, information and releases surrounding this unique project.
The WCP will be an on going project, continuing to explore the different areas that art exists in and offer platforms for new projects and events to happen. With different artists and locations coming into play, each event will have a different style and vibe, all with the same goal of bringing creatives together.
With the WCP now underway expect to see some exciting events afoot, with the release of the first exclusive t-shirt collection limited to 20 pieces each celebrating the work of the first 5 Artists, followed by a London exhibition of their work held mid October alongside a further drop of t-shirts created in the Cambridge jam.
From the street art collections that don the office walls to the doodle jams that took place in Suprembeing’s old skate shop that spawned the brand we have today, Supremebeing have always had an affinity with street art and the culture in which it exists.
This is just the beginning!

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