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Pickles & Potters


Pickles and Potter sandwich
Fresh and home-made – at Pickles & Potter, Lorna and her team believe only fresh and local is good enough for you, so we work with a range of small suppliers to get the best of everything.
  • We home-roast all the lamb, ham, beef & chicken we serve, and make our own chutneys and relishes
  • Every day we make fresh salads as well as meat and vegetarian main courses that can be served hot.
  • We use the best 8 inch torpedo rolls from Leeds-based French baker Thierry Dumouchel (multi-grain white, wholemeal or seeded) & sea salt focaccia from award winning Bondgate Bakery in Otley.
  • We have a great selection of cheese from local supplier Cryer & Stott, pies from Voakes pies and wonderful hand cooked crisps from Pipers.
  • We make a selection of cakes to tempt you – including what just might be Leeds’ best chocolate brownie! You’ll have to taste it to find out…


These are our “Pickles & Potter Favourites” – tried and tested combinations of great home-made ingredients that go together so well that we have won awards for them!
Award-Winning Beef Favourite£ 3.90 take away
£ 4.50 eat in
Rare roast beef, mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard, red onion marmalade, slivers of cheese, tomatoes and rocket salad
Roast Ham Favourite£ 3.70 take away
£ 4.25 eat in
Home roast ham, mature cheddar, home-made apple & rosemary chutney, butter, mustard, tomatoes and lettuce
Tuna & Rocket Pesto Favourite£ 3.70 take away
£ 4.25 eat in
Lemon and cracked black pepper tuna, homemade rocket pesto and crunchy mixed vegetable salad
Piri-Piri Chicken Favourite£ 4.00 take away
£ 4.60 eat in
Home roast chicken in a light Piri-Piri mayonnaise, sweet chilli jam, tomato and rocket salad
Vegan Favourite£ 3.50 take away
£ 4.00 eat in
Homemade humus, carrot & sweet potato chutney spiced with cumin, crisp vegetable salad
Add extra ingredients to our favourites – roast beef, ham, lamb or cheese
£ 0.95 take away
£ 1.15 eat in
£ 0.75 take away
£ 0.90 eat in
Jacket Potatoesfrom £ 3.50 take away
from £ 4.00 eat in
Choose from a variety of fillings including humus, beef chilli, homemade baked beans and cheese vegetable salad
Specials and plainer options – we also make special fillings every day or are happy to make your own favourite sandwich! We’ll try and make something just how you like it if we have the raw materials:
  • Home roast ham or beef
  • Sweet pepper and tomato tuna or chicken in Piri-Piri mayonnaise
  • A wide selection of cheeses
  • Pickles, chutneys, mustards, mayonnaise and butter

Salads and hot food

Lorna's a chef by training and it shows - If you'd rather not have a sandwich, we make fresh vegetarian salads every day bursting with vitality and goodness. We also make a meat and vegetarian main course designed to be heated - so you're not short of something more substantial.
Mixed salads – your choices from our six:
Fresh homemade soup (served with wonderful bread)
£3.20 take away / £3.80 eat in

Meat main course (served with vegetables or a mini salad as appropriate)
£4.50 take away / £5.50 eat in

Vegetarian main course (served with vegetables or a mini salad as appropriate)
£4.25 take away / £5.25 eat in


Pickles and Potter brownie
We make FAB cakes here and there’s an ever changing selection to choose from – go on…
Cakes from:
£1.35 take away / £1.55 eat in


Harrogate spa water
£1.10 take away / £1.25 eat in

Coke or diet coke can
£0.75 take away / £0.85 eat in

Coke or diet coke bottle
£1.25 take away / £1.45 eat in

Juice drinks
£1.85 take away / £2.15 eat in

£2.00 take away / £2.30 eat in

FireFly drinks
£2.25 take away / £2.65 eat in

£1.00 take away / £1.50 eat in

Coffees and hot choc
from £1.50 take away / £1.75 eat in

Pickles & Potter’s suppliers
A delicious Pickles and Potter sandwich
Lorna loves fresh food that has travelled as little as possible so she works with a wide variety of Yorkshire suppliers to deliver her and her team the best raw materials she can find. However, even she admits defeat sometimes and if she can’t make something in-house she’ll find the best local crafts-person to help her out.
Some of our suppliers include:
  • Fruit and veg from Keith Harris at his long established family firm RK Harris in Headingley
  • More fruit and veg from and from “Dave from t’ market” who has a stall at fabulous Kirkgate.
  • Even more from D.A.D Ltd fruit and veg at Kirkgate.
  • Wonderful slow prove demi-baguettes from French master baker Thierry Dumouchel in Garforth
  • Yorkshire farls (baps) and amazing foccacia from Bondgate Bakery in
  • Meats and sausages from traditional butcher Richard Setchfield in
  • Luscious red onion marmalade for our award winning beef favourite sandwich from Elizabeth Smedley in Melmerby (we use too much to make it ourselves!)
  • Great cheeses from the family cheesemongers Cryer & Stott in
  • Free-range eggs from Sue and her “Happy Hens” at Southwood Farm in Thirlby.
  • Milk and other dairy things from David Madely’s family diary in


Why not club together in your office and treat yourself to a super healthy lunch? We can deliver orders to local offices if you give us some notice - tho minimum charges do apply. How about having a "cake day" on a Friday and we'll deliver a mixed plate of cakes to brighten up your afternoon ...


We've catered for meetings big and small, hamper bags for trips to the cricket, buffets for visiting government ministers and even a wedding!
If you need wonderful fresh made sandwiches, salads, finger food and of course luscious cakes, give us a call and we can talk through the options. Eveything is made to order as we're only small - but that means it's made just for you so we can get it just how you'd like.
Delivery charges will apply unless you're in short walking distance of one of our shops - or you can always arrange to collect.
Contact Lorna, Matthew or Ryan on 0113 242 7702 for more information.

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