Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Organic Pantry

St Helens Farm consists of 273 acres of mixed cropping. Situated between Tadcaster and Boston Spa the soil type is very much limestone based. The upside of that is that the soil is free draining the downside is the there is constantly rock and stones coming to the surface.
The farm runs down to the River Wharfe. A 20 acre Ings field which is in the Countryside Stewardship provides a habitat for no less than 54 species of birds.

The rest of the farm is in rotation of grass, cereals, potatoes and mixed vegetables.
The Grass leys are sown to improve the fertility of the soil, they have a white and red clover mix in them, which helps along with the grass to improve the soil texture and fertility.
The Cereals provide a break from potatoes and vegetables. We leave large amounts of over wintered stubbles as part of the organic entry level scheme, which runs in conjunction with THE COUNTRYSIDE STEWARDSHIP.

We have planted many new hedges and all our fields have 2m and 6m margins of grass round them to enhance the GOOD bug life which in turn increases the wild bird life. Along with many birds and hedgerow species we have resident Oyster catchers, Plovers and Curlews.

The principal venture of the farm is the MIXED VEGETABLES which grows on 60 acres of the farm. We devise a cropping plan including over 50 different varieties which hopefully gives us something to harvest every week of the year. The cropping is helped by our polytunnels, and provides a good source when things are light in the field. Later in the season we grow cucumber and radishes in them. This year we have grown an lot of our vegetables from seed .

We very much pride ourselves in that fact that we sell nothing to the supermarkets. Our main aim is to deliver vegetables directly from our farm to you.

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