Monday, 23 November 2009

Producing images that effectively communicate a message to an audience.

 works express a futuristic world where machines control humans. We can see cities floating high in the sky on golf ball shaped clouds and numerous images connecting to war. The gas masks, bombs and machines create a chilling feel to some of the pieces and give a tainted view of our future. It repesents their interpretation of our future, one where we are controlled by machines... looking at the style of clothing and the machines it looks like this image could show how people were scared of technology and the rapid improvements being made.

French Aids poster.... This is a visual metaphor, the deadly creatures signify the deadly disease that is spreading. The people are unaware, almost blind to the risk and what it is their body is coming into contact with. It is a very disturbing piece of advertising but one that would effect you because of the powerful imagery, you would not be likely to forget about this.

This Adidas billboard shows the brand to be very environmentally concious, with a personal, rural tounch which is totally opposite to the brand itself but shows how easy it easy to promote something in a new light.

Child abuse poster, it uses simple imagery and monotone style to create a message. Black and White, facts, there's no doubt about it child abuse is wrong. The image of the hand going up inbetween the legs is extremely powerful, using an illustration has helped to make it a little more subtle as this could not have been shown as an image it is too horrific.

These are two works of Alison Carmichael, her hand rendered lettering is used a lot in advertising products, the style, colour and layout of the letters reflects the product well, the visual of the type becomes a metaphor of the product. The first image is for herbal tea, the letters are made from tealeaves and the loose swirly nature of the lettering creates a relaxing, personal atmosphere just like the tea. The mixture of type used in the second image corresponds to its adjective, not only does the type verbally describe the food but the appearance of it describes it too... without reading the type just looking at the letters we can already form an image.

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