Monday, 23 November 2009

Interpreting images of the present, past and a range of cultures.

These posters designed by OBEY are significant of the present and the recent voting in America, the posters are very patriotic in red blue and white and are clean and bold. This is used to promote Obama is a patriotic, straight talking guy, the bold simple HOPE type boosts the meaning of the image and supports the pose of Obama looking deep in thought... possibly hoping. The second poster has been designed in the same way creating a series of campaign posters that all back Obama, the arrows and lighting bolts my the voting box look very important and powerful and i think they would encourage people to vote!

Craig Ward created this piece of type for the Economist paper, the type layout if very specific as it is not only arranged i a circle to look like a dinner plate but the size of the type and placing of it in the circle reflects the size of the country and the position of it on the globe. I think it reflects how much resources each country is taken up.. they all appear to be crammed onto the plate showing greed of our world.
Barbara Kruger's produced most of her works prior to the massive cultural influence of personal computers and related technology. Her works are always type based, strong messages, posing questions to the audience. Her style is similar to vintage military recruitment posters from the war in Korea. Kruger always uses monotone images with bold red, black and white type.. the type with the image always poises some controvisty and a meaning deeper than what is seen.

This poster displays cultural qualities... Kelis, a well known RnB singer has been chosen to promote the 07 Ford car. Kelis has been roped in for the urban marketing campaign by Ford on the ground that the target buyer can easily relate to sharp and sophisticated style. I think the type works well against both backgrounds, good use of bold type with the word also mirroring the orange from Kelis to the car promoting the idea of being BOLD and hip.

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