Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Slowly Does It

"Like most cooks Bob Walker's food passion and education began at a young age, by his mother’s side, in the kitchen, back in Yorkshire. He can remember scraping the bowl of all the left over mix, and helping his Mum with the obligatory Sunday Roast. When Bob asked us to help him communicate his passion for good food we knew it would mean immersing ourselves in the movement known as 'Slow Food'. The promotion, enjoyment and protection of locally-produced food products and regional cooking."
"We needed to convey Bob's passion and no-nonsense approach to food. Selecting a robust typeface and monochromatic palette gets the message across loud and clear, whilst using Bob's own quotes delivers meaning and depth to the brand which quite literally is an extension of Bob's own personality. These were then applied to environmentally responsible packaging materials. Clean, simple and honest - 'It's all about the food'." Designed by Berg Studio.

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