Sunday, 6 February 2011

DvD Packaging Designs

 The cut out windows work really well connecting the outer packaging with the cd, i like the repeated patterns and small colour palette used, it makes a sophisticated piece of design.
(Card with Plastic Inner)
 I like how the designer  has used the outer and inner faces as whole faces to work on, this allows the design to continue around onto the next face, it has a nice flow and limited colour palette which works well with the rough textures.

Thinking outside the box, or in. The cd package being an object! I like how the cd's are made to look like cogs, the inner mechanisms found inside the package.

I'm not as keen on the overall look of the design although i like how they have thought creatively when designing the case,  how it opens, the material.

 Paper folding! Interesting shapes created, fold out with info and illustrated cd artwork. I like the variety between the inside and outside of the packaging.

 Looking at different materials, using foam to hold cd in place and protect, i will look at using different materials. Also i like how the cd can be seen from the outside and continues on the illustration connecting the two.

Music Packaging, making it look like the object, i especially like the 'decks' packaging and how the cd is made to look like a vinyl and the extra design around it to increase the appearence.

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