Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The packages contained 3 smaller boxes filled with 5 cans of Pepsi each — one with 5 cans with the logo from 1898 to 1950; another with 5 cans with the logo from 1962 to 1998; and the final one with all 5 cans sporting the newest logo.
These packages were sent to get people talking about the new pespi brand... i thought i'd show this example as i like the range of logo's they have produced all on the same product, also its a one off piece of print packaging.
I must say that i like the white cans alot better than the new blue can, i think the logo has lost all of its personality, the old red script type is much nicer although it is very similar to Coca-cola. My favourite logo is the right hand can in the box on the left as it incorporates the script logo along with the image of the well known pepsi symbol and the bottle top.

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