Thursday, 15 April 2010

OUGD103- What is Graphic Design Part 3 (TYPE)

Aldofo Correa- I love you
 This designer has used the method of ... paper curling to create this flowing type, i like how the paper is easily shaped and the complex patterns created from such a simple method. I used paper curling in primary school to create christmas decorations and i can remember how easy it was to achieve rich imagery. The colour and fluidity of shape compliment the subject of love flowing freely.

 Aron Jansco- Purely Typographic PosterI don't personally like these posters, i find the colours quite sickly although i think the layouts work really well and i like the alphabet poster.
Having looked at the last poster on a large scale i was totally unaware of the image of the person on the bike being created by the type until i scaled the image down for this blog! ...

Simon C Page- The Typographic Years

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